Activision Call of duty warzone

Global Campaign on @433esports

Global Campaign on @433esports

For the release of the new Call of Duty Warzone map, we reached into our big portfolio of football players. We created a live gaming experience with 20 top football players, which resulted in a fierce competition and consequently great content!







The football lifestyle

As everyone knows, professional football players often like gaming as well. The fact that all these big names were eager to participate shows their commitment to gaming and they make a great match with the 433 fans as well. This is what makes it super interesting to work with 433 for the right brands. We're in the lockerroom and understand the players ánd the fans.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice for this campaign was incredibly important and well executed. The young 433 fans are used to fast, snackable content, but are also known to watch gaming videos. The tone of voice of the campaign, especially in the commentary on the final IGTV, was extremely important and played a major role in the high performance of the campaign.

A digital warzone where new friendships are formed.


The performance of the campaign was exceptional with over 65M+ impressions and an astonishing 3.2M+ views on the IGTV. The results of this campaign make this a prime example of an overlap between two target audiences that have common interests.


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pro football players involved


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average impressions per story on 433esports

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